APPEAL Meeting of the International Internet Governance Forum held by Azerbaijan Internet Forum

osman gunduz sekilAzerbaijan Internet Forum (AIF) informs you on upcoming meeting of the International Internet Governance Forum (IGF) on November 6-9, 2012, in Baku. It is expected to have almost 2000 participants representing state, private and civil societies.
AIF welcomes the 7th Meeting of IGF in Baku and hopes that it will be another opportunity for introduction of Azerbaijan to world community and stimulate development of Internet in Azerbaijan.
AIF thinks that international meetings of such level makes possible to introduce latest achievements in ICT in Azerbaijan especially to have opportunity to conduct exchange of experience with various countries. As IGF takes into account the international and national platforms for discussing various internet problems, AIF hopes that the meeting will be very useful in bringing to the attention of participants the specific problems of Azerbaijan for benefit of the Government and society.
For stimulation of Internet development on eve of international event organized by AIF addresses to the government, business sector and internet community with appeal to keep attention on resolving the issues below and strengthening efforts in this direction:

1. Regulation of .az domen (national internet addresses).

To arrange registration process of national internet address – .az domen due to international and local legislation. To establish a collegial body fitting to the interest of internet community regulating registration process; to prepare the registration procedures/rules; to put an end to monopolism in registration process; and to prepare transparent, online registration mechanism.

2. To provide access to qualified internet throughout the country.

Provide access to qualified internet throughout the country with various technologies. To privatize the state providers; to develop the independent and free competition. To provide wide line internet infrastructure in the regions especially in rural areas. To make important steps for effective and productive use of internet by various layers of the population.

3. Protection of information security of state and non-state internet resources.

Arrange complex measurements providing information security of national internet/information resources; protection of personal information in anti-spam, online environment; to concretize the responsibilities/obligations of state and non-state information resources on information security and meet all duties coming out from the demands of Convention on Cyber Crimes; to organize joint influential events on protection of children information security.

4. Development of information access of state bodies and electronic services.

To develop open access to information of state bodies, other public information institutions; to improve highlighting of public information over official internet resources, internet booths, social media means and other alternatives and improve functioning of electronic services; to transit massive services of social importance onto electronic format.

5. To improve the online business environment.

To improve the investment environment for developing internet technologies and start-ups. To speed creation of Free Economical Zones on ICT.

The Appeal was adopted at AIF meeting dated July 13, 2012.

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